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Lucite Design Process

Getting Started


When starting the lucite design process...

Here are a few things you'll need to have ready for us:

  • Design Requests
    At the heart of any lucite design project is your visual concept. We make the process very simple - you suggest it, we sketch it!
  • Artwork
    Gather up all pertinent artwork you have for us to build with. Please bear in mind that web art is suitable for positioning only - we'll need print-quality artwork for actual design creation. Of course if need be, we create custom art as well.
  • Deal Wording
    We need the exact wording you'd like to see on your pieces, although a draft of similar length/size is suitable for us to get started with, updating through the process.
  • Approximate Quantity
    We'll need an estimate on the quantity you'll be ordering to calculate timing and pricing.
  • Event/Delivery Date
    Before we start a job, we need to know when it's going to end! As a rule, prototypes and finals each take between 6-8 business days. Factoring in client feedback and adjustments, the entire process typically takes one month. If you have an event, we will accomodate you to ensure timely delivery.


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